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Nodecasts gets an upgrade

Hey all,

I’m excited to announce that I’ve switched the back end running over to Teachable.


You can now access cool features like tracking your progress and enrolling in courses, the only caveat is you’ll have to create an account to access the videos!

Why The Switch?

I’m mostly excited about the switch because it will allow me to focus 100% of my energy on creating new videos. It also looks like there are some great features built into Teachable such as completion percentage, quizzes and a ton of nice UI add ons.

Noticeable Changes

As far as I can tell the only noticeable change for you all should be that while still completely free, the courses will now require you sign up for an account. It only requires name / email / password, no credit card or anything like that but I realize it’s an added annoyance! Fortunately this system will allow me to expand to premium content if I ever decide to take that path!

Other that that, I just ported ~100 videos over so please let me know if you find anything confusing or wrong! I can always be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter at @jkup!


I also wanted to take a minute and thank you all so much for helping support Nodecasts! It’s been an amazing month and I really feel like I’m just getting started. Whether you’ve joined my mailing list, subscribed on Youtube, left a comment or just watched some of my videos, I really appreciate it!

Until next time!