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Make a GIF with LICEcap

This blog post will show you how to make a GIF with LICEcap.

Often times I’ll be working on some JavaScript or DevTools project and I’ll want to tweet or write a blog post. I find nothing really captures the experience like an animated GIF.

Making a GIF

Make a GIF part 1 – downloading LICEcap

LICEcap requires that you are running either Windows or Mac and a decent amount of free RAM. Just head on over to and find the Downloads section at the bottom. After downloading you can open it and see something like this:

Make a GIF with LICEcap

Make a GIF part 2 – configuring LICEcap

Before we make a GIF, you’ll want to configure the app. Now that we have it installed, you can configure everything you need by hitting the record button. This will prompt you with a config page like this:

LICEcap config

The last thing you’ll want to configure before you make a gif is the size of the recording area. This too is really simple with LICEcap, just open the app and drag the window to whatever size and position you’d like. After that, go ahead and start recording!

You’ll notice two options while recording:

  1. Pause (allowing you to continue recording the same GIF later)
  2. Stop (saving the file and allowing you to start again)

No go ahead and make some GIFs! They can be easily uploaded to your blog or Twitter.

Make a GIF on Linux

The last thing I wanted to mention is that unfortunately LICEcap doesn’t support Linux users. If you are on Linux you should check out Silentcast which is a free alternative and looks pretty cool!


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