Best JavaScript tutorials for beginners

There are a lot of great JavaScript resources out there. Here are some of the best JavaScript tutorials for beginners!


JavaScript tutorials for beginners at

A while ago the folks at CodeSchool purchased the domain and turned it into a cool free resource! Getting started with their interactive tutorial is a great way to learn the language! After that check out their resources page for a bunch of great free stuff!

JavaScript tutorial resources

2. Code Academy

CodeAcademy JavaScript courses

Now that you’ve wet your feet with the language, it’s time to write a lot of code! Writing code is the best way to learn and Code Academy’s JavaScript courses provide great tutorials for beginners to learn JavaScript!

3. Free Books

Free JavaScript ebooks

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, head over to JSbooks for a great list of all the free JavaScript books available. You can even sort by JavaScript books that have good tutorials for beginners!

The books in this list will definitely take you from beginner to intermediate level. After you’ve read a few of these you’ll be ready for working on any application.

Nodecasts Courses

You should also check out some of the free JavaScript and Node.js courses on this website 🙂

We have courses that will help you learn Node.js, stay up to date with the latest JavaScript features and master developer tools!

Like I said, there are a ton of resources for learning JavaScript but I think these are the best JavaScript tutorials for beginners and people just getting started.

If you’re looking for JavaScript resources for intermediate and advanced users, check out this curated list of essential JavaScript links!

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