Learn React.js for beginners

Learn React.js in a weekend!

Ok, you got me. You probably can’t really learn React.js in a single weekend. But let’s pretend that’s what you’re going to try to do anyways! These are the resources I recommend and the order I recommend you view them in!

1. Learn React.js with React for beginners (5 hours)

Learn React.js for beginners

Start with a nice easy introduction to the framework with Wes Bos’ React for Beginners! This will get you started with the framework and the ecosystem around it. You’ll have fun building a single page web app and definitely get your introduction to React.

2. ReactJS Program (4 hours)

ReactJS Program

Next head over to ReactJS Program and work through Tyler’s interactive tutorials. It’ll get you more familiar with the framework and you’ll get good experience using other tools like Webpack and React Router.

3. Getting Started With Redux (2 hours)

Getting Started with Redux

Next, head on over to Egghead and watch Dan Abramov’s Getting Started with Redux course! I know, I know. Redux is not React but it’s a popular companion tool and these videos are gold! Trust me!

4. Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux (2 hours)

Learn React.js and Idiomatic Redux

I told you it would be worth it! This new course, also by Dan Abramov, will really put your knowledge to the test as you not only learn React.js, but idiomatic approaches to building applications with it and Redux.

5. Bookmark the docs and start building stuff! (however many hours you have left in your weekend)

React.js official documentation

Now that you are a React.js rockstar, bookmark the official documentation and go build something fun! If you want to learn more, the docs are a great place to do it. Also, now that you know React and Redux, go check out some of the TodoMVC examples and see how your code compares!

React.js TodoMVC

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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