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Best ways to update Node js

Node.js moves quickly. This can make keeping up with the latest and greatest version difficult. Fortunately, there are a ton of great tools that make it a breeze to update Node js!

Installing Node.js

If this is your first time installing Node, I highly recommend installing directly from They have a nice, easy, one-click installer for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Update Node JS From Official Page

If this is the approach you’ve taken to download Node, you can update by simply returning to the site and downloading the latest version. Running this installer will override your current version of Node.

Managing Multiple Node.js Verisons

At some point in your Node career, you’ll end up needing something more powerful than just downloading binary files from the Node website. Eventually you’ll find yourself needing to switch between versions, test out bleeding edge features or you’ll just want a better tool for staying up to date.

Option 1 – Node Version Manager

nvm is my personal favorite. It’s a simple bash script that allows you to:

  • Install multiple Node versions
  • Update Node.js to the latest version
  • Control your system’s default version of Node
  • List all existing versions

You can install nvm from your terminal with one simple line!

Then you can start using it with commands like these.

See what versions are installed:

See what versions are available to install:

Install a version:

Set the new version as your default:

Option 2 – n

n is a very similar package to nvm, allowing you to manage multiple versions of node.js.

You have to install it with npm (the Node version manager) which means you have to already have Node installed. So, the simplest thing to do would be install Node from their website (which installs npm) and then run:

Then you can:

See what versions are installed:

Install the latest release:

Install the latest stable release:

Install or active a new version:

Lots of ways to update Node JS

No matter which tool you choose, managing Node.js versions and staying up to date shouldn’t be a problem!

Jon Kuperman

Jon Kuperman is a Programmer, Teacher and Entrepreneur. He's currently blogging at Code Planet and podcasting at The Web Behind.

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